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VIDEO: Kanye West falls down hard on stage

We always thought Kanye could do no wrong… especially when it came to performing. (Okay… there’s some sarcasm in that statement….) But he did! Last week, he randomly stumbled and fell to the ground while on stage! What the heck made him fall?! Who knows… but at least he got back up and tried again….

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VIDEO: Rebecca Black performs on “America’s Got Talent”

This seems like a bit of an oxymoron to me. Rebecca Black performing on “America’s Got Talent??” Does she have talent? Well, you be the judge. Here’s her mash-up of her two biggest songs..

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MOVIE TRAILER: A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

I still feel like Christmas is at least a light-year away, but in reality, it’s only four months! WOAH! Harold and Kumar are coming back this year with their third movie, and they’ll be all up in your face with the 3D effects! Plus, they’re taking over Christmas in every way possible! They accidentally shoot […]

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Video: Evolution of the Hipster

I couldn’t agree more…haha!  (Laughs knowing I secretly WISH i could get away with hipster style…)  Also, further proof that learning “history” is always more fun with puppets. [youtube]jbTI7eWaQbk&feature[/youtube]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Dark Saved by the Bell music video

Actor and musician Miles Fisher put together this music video for a reason I don’t know. All I know is that it’s hilarious, but a little dark, and stars the cast of “Final Destination V,” which probably has something to do with it. Saved By the Bell themed music videos= da bomb. Duh.