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VIDEO: Rihanna goes country in Alabama

Is Rihanna going country?! She sure does look good in those daisy dukes! During her Tornado Relief concert in Alabama Monday night, Rihanna rocked the stage with her rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama.” The crowd obviously went wild! She also had this special moment with the audience:

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Harry Potter takes over “Friday”

I’m not a big Harry Potter fan, but anything having to do with Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is just funny. Watch what happens when “Friday” gets all “Deathly Hallows.”

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VIDEO: Entourage’s Final Season 8 trailer

Calling all Entourage fans! It’s almost time for the FINAL season! (Tear!) Only 8 episodes, then hopefully a movie, and a lot of questions to be answered. Vinny’s out of rehab, but what’s going to happen? Ari’s marriage- will it be fixed? What about “Johnny Bananas?” Things don’t look so good for Ari and Eric, […]

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Rihanna Pyro Video Posted!

In a follow up to Adam’s story this weekend, a video of the torched American Airline Center in Dallas has been posted.  The people don’t look overly concerned the arena is on fire! [youtube]vfOuSDv6A4g[/youtube] -Krash


Matty B raps with Vanilla Ice

I don’t know if this is a sign that 8 year old rapper Matty B is a BFD or that Vanilla Ice is a failure and will do anything to be in the spotlight. Either way, check out this [rough green screen] video of Vanilla Ice joining Matty B for an all new version of […]