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Your Favorite Hits In Metal

These guys are BEAST guitar players and they are remastering a lot of our favorite hits.  If you like to jam to some heavy hitting guitars you will love what you hear below! “Black And Yellow” Wiz Khalifa *Note* Explicit Version [youtube]whxoXFIIO9A[/youtube] “ET” Katy Perry [youtube]gDBMc1rNElI[/youtube] “Friday” Rebecca Black  (Yes they went there!) [youtube]jz28rOzpFjQ[/youtube] Be […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Naked guy plays Frogger/jumps in family pool

Apparently if you run through traffic and jump in a family neighborhood pool naked, you won’t get in trouble.

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Watch: Accapella Will Smith Medley

Matt Mullholand is my (Alli)  new Hero of the Day!  He has put together this amazing medley of Will Smith songs!  All a capella and Matt sings all the parts!  Take a few moments out of your day to get jiggy wit’ Matt! [youtube]18o09yL2Sq8[/youtube]

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VIDEO: A child’s motivational speech

Well…this is the CUTEST and most uplifting video I have seen in a while.  I think I’m going to go re-learn how to ride my bike.  Thanks, kid!  -Alli [youtube]eaIvk1cSyG8[/youtube]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Elephant helps clear out Joplin

Joplin has such a special place in my heart after we did everything to help them… and now it’s just plain cool what’s going down to help out this town. They brought in an ELEPHANT to clear out some of the big stuff! Now.. I think it’s a pretty great idea. The elephant probably doesn’t […]