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PICS: 90s Dance Party on the Patio 5/19

Another Thursday has come and gone! Check out the always entertaining evidence, and make sure you join Elizabethany every Thursday at Ozona from 6-8pm! (PSST! She’s going to have NKOTBSB tickets next week!) [galleryview id=71]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: The apocamix

Tomorrow is the end of the world ["as we know it, and I feel fine"... woops. ADD] so this is obviously appropriate.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Tablet games… for your CAT!

I never thought I’d get an iPad, or any kind of tablet, but now I’m reconsidering! If I can get two for the price of one [meaning one toy that will entertain Slutty Cat AND me], COUNT ME IN! Check out Friskies’ new treats for kitties: [youtube]vaif2uq_0Vc[/youtube] Only thing is… I guess you’ll need to […]

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Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow Raps!

Apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow LOVES 90’s hip-hop.  She was in England doing an interview on “The Graham Norton Show” last week and ended up rapping the beginning of NWA’s “Gangsta GAngsta!” [youtube]u6Oej7K469I&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]


Watch: An Epic Marriage Proposal!!!

This has to go down as one of the best…or at least most creative…marriage proposals I have eer seen!  I’m not sure if it tops the Disneyland surprise musical proposal, but it’s pretty darn close!!!  This guy has taken the time to surprise his fiance-to-be with a fake movie trailer to set up the proposal.  And somehow […]