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Hott New Receptionist

Hmm you made me smile today. I have not enjoyed work this much in a while looking over seeing your smile got me even though you got me in trouble a couple times yes I blame you. Anyways would maybe sometime enjoy getting to know who you maybe outside of work. Dont know if you […]

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Sweet Euguenes

Howdy there maam, You showed up at Sweets Sunday afternoon with your You said your name is Sara. I’m John H. You asked if I was a former Marine, I said yes. I know you were busy studying, but I wish I had asked for your number. I would like to meet up for more […]

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I saw you Saturday night checking out at Target in College Station. What you didn’t realize was that I was doing some checking out too….at you You appeared to be super drunk from Chillifest and we locked eyes as you put your aloe vera and sprite up for check out. I have red hair and […]

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Home Depot

To the beautiful woman I saw this early afternoon walking in front of me in the parking lot. I noticed you got into a 2 door car. Sorry i didn’t have the time to get up the never to say something to you in person. You have long black or brown hair, wearing a black […]

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cf 2013

you were as red as your shirt saturday afternoon. i told you i liked your mullet, you gave me beer. i was pretty bummed when you got arrested, if you remember me, i’ll find you.