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VIDEO: Taylor Swift covers Eminem

Yes, you read that right! While on tour in Michigan, T-Swift sat down with her guitar, shouted “yo!” and started singing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”As her encore- she covered Uncle Kracker’s “Smile.” I think this may be my favorite thing she’s ever done by a long shot. Still, she somehow made the songs sound like all […]

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Mariah’s post-twins bathing suit bod!

First Mariah was all freaking out about being shown on TV with her post-baby body, now she’s flaunting it in the ocean for everyone. It may be a one piece, but it’s still a bathing suit, Mariah! And honestly- ya don’t look bad at all for just having twins!

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Katy Perry breaks records with “Last Friday Night”

It’s official! Katy Perry is setting and breaking records after her latest single from the “Teenage Dream” album topped the charts this week! “Last Friday Night (TGIF) is her FIFTH single to hit #1 on the Mainstream charts, and with it creeping up on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, she could be breaking some more! From […]


Selena Gomez pays tribute to Britney Spears during concert

During one of her recent shows, Selena Gomez put on a Britney-esque outfit and paid tribute to the pop princess by doing a medley of her biggest songs. She even did the matching dances! It’s a little awkward, right? She has the dancing ability of “new Britney,” if not worse, but is trying to do […]

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The official X-Factor promo looks familiar

Call me crazy, but does this not look like American Idol with a few extra people? Simon is totally wearing the same suit he always wore in AI promos… Not that I’d ever expect anything different.