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Six Reasons Why Katy Perry Dating John Mayer Is Smart

Katy Perry and John Mayer will dominate headlines for awhile if this romance is true.  E! wrote a fun article detailing six reasons why the idea is positive for Katy.  They are pretty funny! 1. An instant publicity boost. 2. Mayer will make Perry look great in the sack. 3. Mayer might write songs about […]

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Video: Taylor Swift Debuts New Single “Ronan”

Taylor continues to pump out the new music! 

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VIDEO: Conan O’Brien’s Water Buffalo Bruise

Kids: Don’t try this at home

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MTV’s One Direction Slow-Mo Promo

How creative, MTV. I imagine this took a lot of brainstorming!

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T-shirt time is over: “Jersey Shore” Cancelled by MTV

G. T. Canned!