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Lady Gaga cries as a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance”

Lady Gaga guest-judged “So You Think You Can Dance” last night and when a couple of dancers took the stage, she lost her composure. [To see her without the dancers, skip to about 2 minutes in.] Lady Gaga has always been pretty emotional with this stuff, so it’s not surprising she had that reaction. If […]

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Video: A-Skars “It Gets Better”

Time for your Alexander Skargard news of the day.  Two very important things: 1) A-Skars is now single.  Apparently he and Kate Bosworth have called it quits.  I’m ok with that.  How about you?? 2) Several members of the True Blood cast are featured in a new series of “It Gets Better” PSAs.  This just […]


An open letter/punch in the you-know-what for Kim Kardashian

If you watch “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” you may have seen Kim get diagnosed with a skin disease called Psoriasis. Then she talked about how she fears her career in Hollywood will suffer because of the red patches of scaly skin all over her body. “My career is doing ad campaigns and swimsuit photo […]

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Video: Real Housewives of BH adds new cast members

The TV network Bravo has announced that when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns for Season 2 this SEptember, they are adding two new women to the mix.  I’m guessing it will be all drama, as usual.  The first newbie is Dana Wilkey, a businesswoman.  The second addition to the cast of drama queens is Brandi Glanville.  If you recognize […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: The best part about the debut of Teen Nick’s The 90s are All That

Hopefully you didn’t forget that Teen Nick debuted their 90s programming block last night. And honestly… if you missed it, you better have been sleeping. Twitter’s trending topics have been ruled by all-things-90s-Are-All-That since 11pm last night. They had an episode of All That, then Kenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains It All, and finally Doug. […]