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Wedding Crashers: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were strolling along the beach in Malibu, California on Saturday when they heard a party going on.  Obviously…they needed to be a part of that!  So, they crashed a complete stranger’s wedding.    Apparently, they heard Justin’s song “One Less Lonely Girl” playing the wedding reception of a couple named Rob and Jeanine […]

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JLO And Marc Anthony Divorce + Rumors!

This couple is NO MORE!  As many of you know the seven year marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony has concluded.  However rumors are already swirling about JLO’s association with actor William Levy.  He recently went through a divorce as well.  You may remember Levy playing JLO’s love interest in the, “I’m Into You” […]


Gaga Gets EGGED In Australia!

Apparently the Australian’s aren’t too fond of Gaga’s stage antics!  Wednesday she performed, “You and I” while in a wheel chair (pictured above) and had eggs pelted at her by various fans.  The eggs missed Gaga but nailed some members of her entourage.  Lady Gaga has used this wheel chair stunt off and on since […]

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Vanessa Hudgens’ rough new makeunder

Woah. This picture was taken of Vanessa Hudgens while she was on the set of her upcoming movie, Gimme Shelter, about “a pregnant teenager who leaves her abusive mother’s home and seeks out her biological father, played by Brendan Fraser. The father is upset over the pregnancy and urges his daughter to have an abortion. […]

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Chris Brown shuts down Rockefeller Center on Today Show

Chris Brown performed on the Today Show this morning as part of their Summer Concert Series, and over 18,000 fans were there to see it! After camping out since Wednesday, he took the stage to perform some of his biggest hits. [youtube]HLarDzkym4U[/youtube] [youtube]al7ukSzM7jk[/youtube] [youtube]ytoUrV2OAGA[/youtube] Here’s the footage of his fans: And this was his reaction […]