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#PopSingersDontEat.. Lady Gaga Sparks Eating Disorder Outrage

Maybe she wasn’t born this way?

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Whether you’re hosting a charity event, planning a concert or rally, or opening up a milkshake store in Dubai, there’s a celeb for that. Yahoo released a list of several “stars” and the seemingly exorbitant amount of money they think their time is worth. [From Yahoo] A B-lister for your A-list event? You’ve been carrying […]

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The ’90s Nickelodeon classic re-imagined as a psycho-romance thriller.. I can not explain how awesome this is. Just watch.

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If Facebook Was Around In The 90s

I’ve heard from all sorts of people, conflicting opinions, on how life would have been if we were using “facebook” in the 90′s. It would NOT have been the same by any strech on the imagination. I think dial-up would have killed facebook… the same way Tom Anderson killed Myspace. See what I mean below: […]

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8 Things That Will Definitely Happen In Tonight’s NCAA Championship Game

1. Anthony Davis’ unibrow will become sentient and block a shot. Then it will kill itself and the world will be shocked to find out that Anthony Davis is actually not a bad lookin guy. 2. Every Thomas Robinson dunk will be accompanied by an increasingly badass screams until one shatters the glass. 3. The […]