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Would You Rather Wednesday

Before answering, I highly suggest taking a gander at our homepage article entitled “Sexy and She Knows It.” [polldaddy poll=6015229] so basically this: or this:

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UPDATE: Guess Which Quarterback is Set to be the Next Bachelor?!


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IRISH This Were a Joke….

As an Irish American.. I read this headline and LOLed. (Maybe even LedMFAO, because this is so stupid I’m at a loss for real words.) “Irish-Americans’ fury over ‘arrogant and disrespectful’ novelty St Patrick’s Day T-shirts at Urban Outfitters” I’m often offended by Urban Outfitters, but that’s usually due to obscene prices for things I […]

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TRAILER: Piranha 3 Double D

Bring me my legs!

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Rise of the Metrosexual

According to a new study, modern men have an increasingly soft center, and women prefer it that way. The modern man is a big softy who cries over films, likes cuddling on the sofa, and enjoys a bubble bath. The research provided by Häagen-Dazs revealed that millions of men listen to sappy love songs, become […]