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Love Stinks Ball

Candy 95 and The Tap teamed up for the Love Stinks Ball on Saturday, February 11. There were free Love Stinks t-shirts and Candy 95 shot glasses. Check out theseĀ fun photos from the Love Stinks Ball! [nggallery id=224]

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AUDIO: Hot n Cold Parody

err Perry-D

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11 Drunkest Presidents in US History

Guzzle Guzzle (Mr. President, you’re on)!

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Adele Has a S-X Tape?!

Man, the French screw up everything! pun intended.

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Songs You Listen to when You Begin or End a Relationship.

We provide Facebook with a ridiculous amount of information . . . our relationship status, what songs we’re listening to, what our ‘likes’ are, where we are, and what last night’s dinner looked like. Naturally, Facebook is probably using some of this info for EVIL, but it’s not all bad. Sometimes they use it for […]