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Thanks Mark

Does anyone have Mark Zuckerberg’s address? I need to know where to direct the mob. I get it, facebook services over 8 million people, but is there a reason we weren’t told about this? Time to put those rumors of a facebook revamp to bed… or just jump ship and go to google + Because […]

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Did Steven Tyler’s National Anthem Suck?

The only thing I can think of while he is singing is he sort of sounds like Roseanne. If Steven Tyler the idol judge was watching this performance, it would be a unanimous no from the panel. How can we expect him to judge the quality of other performers when he does something like this? […]

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Since Morning Candy decided to get super serial, here’s a ridiculously delightful youtube vid. Honestly, you don’t notice how stupid song lyrics are until they are taken literally. Forget pet rocks, I want a party rock. Happy Friday! -Katy

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American Idol RECAP

Okay, I have to be honest here: I’m sort of on the fence when it comes to American Idol.. I find it entertaining sure, but I can usually come up with about 10 things I’d rather be doing than catch it at its scheduled time. That being said, I did watch last night and if […]

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Crazy Things Men THINK Women Do on Facebook

Well thank God that men have their own portal for crappy advice in the form of So shut it about Cosmo okay guys? This is what you guys are spouting off about to one another. “Crazy Things Women Do on Facebook” by: some *@&#^@# commentary by: yours truly Women set up fake profiles to […]