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Brad Pitt is a Doughnut

But what KIND of doughnut? And who spells it doughnut?! It’s donut ya hippies.

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Thanks Mark

Does anyone have Mark Zuckerberg’s address? I need to know where to direct the mob. I get it, facebook services over 8 million people, but is there a reason we weren’t told about this? Time to put those rumors of a facebook revamp to bed… or just jump ship and go to google + Because […]

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Did Steven Tyler’s National Anthem Suck?

The only thing I can think of while he is singing is he sort of sounds like Roseanne. If Steven Tyler the idol judge was watching this performance, it would be a unanimous no from the panel. How can we expect him to judge the quality of other performers when he does something like this? […]

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Since Morning Candy decided to get super serial, here’s a ridiculously delightful youtube vid. Honestly, you don’t notice how stupid song lyrics are until they are taken literally. Forget pet rocks, I want a party rock. Happy Friday! -Katy

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American Idol RECAP

Okay, I have to be honest here: I’m sort of on the fence when it comes to American Idol.. I find it entertaining sure, but I can usually come up with about 10 things I’d rather be doing than catch it at its scheduled time. That being said, I did watch last night and if […]