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Worst Christmas Gifts EVER!

As the saying goes, it’s better to give than receive. But choosing the right gift is tricky.. you might think grandma really wants that Tim Tebow jersey, but you’re probably wrong. From time to time people get clueless and hand out presents so strange, so off-putting, you begin to question the entire relationship. Is it […]


90’s Kid Christmas List

Hearing about all these kids who want ipads and iphones and iwhatevers, makes me think of a simpler time. A time when all I wanted from Santa was an All American Girl Doll who had red hair and freckles. Friends, let me take you back a few years.. reminisce with me on the coolest toys […]

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VIDEO: Beatbox Bible

Suddenly it all makes sense.

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50 Cent Fitness Book??

..I hope there are pictures.

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MIA NO MORE: Ke$ha New Song, Same Shenanigans

In case you’ve been missing this crazy b* in your life too!