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Kris Humphries suing Kim Kardashian?

And here she was thinking the pre-ordered Christmas cards were a big deal..

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Holiday Breakups: Should You Wait?

A friend approached me the other day with a turkey day dilemna that I felt ill-equipped to handle. His problem is this: His girlfriend of two plus years has decided that since he is from out of town and unable to go home for the Thanksgiving break, he should come home with her for the […]

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Are Your Dating Expectations Too High?

Just in time for date night.. And no, Adam Knight, I am not giving advice so no need to bro code me on this.     Online Dating Could Be Keeping You From Meeting “The One”   According to Cosmo, that’s what psychologists from Northwestern University and Texas A&M University (whooop!) are suggesting after conducting […]


National Unfriend Day

As per Jimmy Kimmel, today is National Unfriend Day. The day you go through your facebook friends and trim the fat. Got a friend with annoying status updates? Delete. Someone keep inviting you to take care of imaginary crops because he/she is way too lazy to do it alone? Gone. That girl you went to […]

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Concert Accountability

So Rihanna was an hour and 5 minutes late to her show in London last night.. on the heels of being 90 minutes late for a show in Belfast just the week before. This guy’s really angry about it, but he makes an interesting point. When you go to a concert, you are assuming the […]