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Relationship Red Flag

Don’t get too excited if your significant other starts losing weight.. it’s probably not for you. According to a new study when people in steady relationships start to actively work out or diet to fight flab, it’s because they are preparing to drop their other half. Sociologists claim there’s no pressure to look attractive if […]

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Detroit Really Doesn’t Like Nickelback

Nickelback has been chosen to play the halftime show of the nationally televised Detroit Lions-Green Bay Packers Thanksgiving Day game. Some Detroit fans seem to have a problem with this..  So, they did what any angry city would do- started a petition to get the band replaced.   The letter goes like this: This game is nationally […]


Stars With No Talent

Fox News created a list of stars with no talent.. though it probably would have been easier to list the few with talent.  Here are the top contenders brought to you by reality tv, Ryan Seacrest, and rich dads.   1. Kardashians: -The only thing they’re good at is staying in the spotlight. 2. Paris […]

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Kreayshawn Video Game

Who would win in a virtual fight between Mario and Kreayshawn? It’s here, it’s fresh, it’s shiny and it’s got the swag, and it’s pumping out it’s ovaries. Left and right arrow keys to move Z to jump X to shoot E to exit to world map R to reset the level thanks to Beth […]

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Introducing Paula Dean’s Butter Balm

Paula Dean will literally put butter on anything.. this now includes the cracked lips of kids across the globe. She sells these little bad boys in her store in Savannah, and I’m told that other flavors include key lime pie, banana pudding, and just in time for fall- pun’kin pie. The slogan? “Put a little […]