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Dirty Jobs-Steve’s Best Kept Secrets

In case you missed the latest cover of Rolling Stone magazine, like many other recent publications, Steve Jobs graces the cover. Leave it to my favorite magazine to dish the dirt on the relentless man, prior to and in the midst of his success. In an amazing article written by Jeff Goodell, we get the […]

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Hangover 3 starring Taio Cruz?

A video that would make Mr. Galifianakis proud..   [youtube]XsqPKMsxcRk[/youtube]   and a behind the scenes look.. [youtube]Vts4J_x_ejk[/youtube]  

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VOD: One Incredibly Hot Turtle

This is sick and wrong in so many ways, but how can you not laugh watching this?!?!?!  

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America’s Top “John”

Cintas Corp has awarded the Chicago Field Museum with their 10th annual America’s Best Restroom Award. As a young gun, this wouldn’t be my first choice, considering some of the other nominees offered full trailer restrooms with marble and separate quarters with television’s and fresh flowers. However, it’s still pretty amazing to think a restroom […]


Costumes-Nicki Minaj Style

We all know Nicki certainly has her own sense of style, and thanks to her innovative fashion sense, if you need help with costume ideas this Halloween, leave it to her to come up with some one-a-kind ideas! Here’s some pics of how to make your own Nicki-fied outfit. To get the details on how […]