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Paul McCartney Got Married

Paul McCartney got married in London over the weekend.  Paul’s bride is a New York business woman named Nancy Shevell.  Nancy is a member of the board of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the vice president of a family-owned transportation conglomerate.  The ceremony took place at the Old Marleybone Town Hall, which is […]


Anna Rexia

Halloween, what’s happened to you? Some retailers and online sites are generating quite the controversy over this little gem: The costume includes a silk-screened skeleton print, bone headband, heart name tag, measuring tape ribbon belt and matching choker. It was first sold in 2007 and has since been discontinued by manufacturer Dreamgirl., but many online retailers […]

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Top 10 Lies…We All Tell

A trending topic on twitter today was #Top10Lies and most of the tweets were pretty legit, but the ones submitted during my show were also awesome!!!! Here’s some of my faves from you guys: 1- “I love you” 2- “This is my real hair” 3- “I’m gonna stay in and study all weekend” 4- “I […]


Don’t You Love Cute Kid Videos?!?!

Who doesn’t love the cute kid videos on YouTube?!?! Here’s 2 of the cutest I found recently…prepare yourself on the Disney one…you might want a box of Kleenex nearby. [youtube]ZbV5hn_ET0U[/youtube] [youtube]OOpOhlGiRTM[/youtube]

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VIDEO: Frito Meets Herman Cain

Had a chance to meet Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain at his book signing today. Great dude with some very interesting policy ideas. For what it’s worth he’s running neck and neck with Mitt Romney. Find out more about Cain on including more Q and A’s with the national media. Oh yeah, and I […]