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Video: Ohio University Band — Party Rock Anthem

I know…I know.  If the Aggie Band did this, we’d never hear the end of “Old Army’s gone to Hell…”  But, SERIOUSLY!!!  C’mon Aggie Band…just THINK about it!  This is awesome!!! Also…Who knew you could Shuffle with a Tuba?!?!  -Alli

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I Cried Watching DWTS

I’ve never been a fan of the show, but it happened to be on while I was cooking dinner last night so I ended up interested when I heard it was the “dance night” dedicated to a year that meant a lot to the dancers. Yet again, I didn’t care…until JR Martinez gave his backstory. […]

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MUST Watch: Ohio University Band Performs “Party Rock Anthem”

Electric instrumentals, choreographed moves, and a cover of a hot tune, this is what I call a half time show! -Krash

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Michelle As Marilyn Monroe

I’m a HUGE fan of Marilyn Monroe and as I was checking out at the grocery the other day I had to do a double take at the Vogue magazine cover in which Michelle Williams looks nearly identical to Marilyn. Why you ask?! Apparently Michelle is the leading lady in a new movie called, “My […]

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Booty Insurance?

Insurance doesn’t have to be boring, in fact…it can be really interesting! Celebrities have been insuring their finer assets for years, everything from their legs (Heidi Klum) & booty’s (J-Lo) to their voices and, like Bob Dylan, their lack of voice. The latest insurance fiasco? Holly Madison is following in the footsteps of the legendary […]