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Katy Perry Pink Week

Katy Perry’s gone back to pink hair for the cover of her latest single, “The One That Got Away”.

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Did I Mention I Love Adele???

I think Adele is one of the most amazing artists on the radio today, and her new album is phenomenal, so phenomenal I bought the CD & the vinyl (another passion I’m obsessed with). She just finished filming her new music video for Someone Like You, a song (like many on her new album), she […]

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Real Life Wedding Crasher

I love the movie Wedding Crashers, and who hasn’t fantasized about pulling off some of those pranks?!?! But who would actually be dumb enough to try some of them?!?! Answer: Luciana Reichel, a University of Wisconsin student who has been sent to prison for 90 days for putting eye drops in her roommate’s water — […]

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Pics/Video: “Vampire Woman” immortalized

Maria Jose is Mexico’s famous “Vampire Woman” and now she’s being immortalized in wax by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum.  Former lawyer, Maria, got married at the age of 17.  After suffering years of domestic abuse, she decided to turn her body into living art.  What do you think of Maria’s art??  Do we […]

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Give Me Your SOD & QOD

I have this thing I like to do on Facebook and Twitter called the Song & Quote of the day. Normally it’s a song or quote that reflects my mood, thoughts or general feeling for the day. Now that I’m in Texas I felt the need to open it up to you guys for submission…so […]