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Give Me Your SOD & QOD

I have this thing I like to do on Facebook and Twitter called the Song & Quote of the day. Normally it’s a song or quote that reflects my mood, thoughts or general feeling for the day. Now that I’m in Texas I felt the need to open it up to you guys for submission…so […]

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Is DWTS Taking The Cut Out Of Cutler?!?!

I know a lot of people in Texas could care less about Jay Cutler…BUT…I have hometown ties to the Chicago Bears QB (he played at a rival high school) so I’m always intrigued to see what he’s screwing up. You know…like when he cut off his engagement to Kristin Cavallari and “broke her heart.” I […]

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Getting “Elevatored”

Apparently I’ve been elevatored…whatever that is. I was told by a gentleman in the office the first time we met we “elevatored,” which to him is chatting on the ride up and/or down. Obviously that term can go a lot of ways, which made me think of allllllll the awkward and amazing times I’ve had […]

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Mary Brings Back Her Real Love

Mary J. Blige brought back her “A” game, proving she’s still got it, when performing her 1992 hit “Real Love” at the 2011 Paper Magazine Awards. Here’s the performance: [youtube]ZztQuOANkh0[/youtube]

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Rihanna’s Bandanna Bikini

She’s hot…she knows it…why wouldn’t she film her new music video for “We Found Love” in a bikini that looks like it came from a farmer’s barn?!?! Haven’t heard the song yet? Enjoy: