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Guy gets stuck in storm drain trying to get phone

Have you ever dropped your phone down the crack of something and wanted to do anything you could to get it back? Well, this guy got jumped, his phone went down a storm drain, and he went to get it… then got stuck. Okay, let’s be real. That’s freaking hilarious. The story isn’t as funny […]

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Links 7/25

The 10 douchiest colleges in America Lessons we’ve learned from the ladies of 90s sitcoms 10 craziest things to ever happen on the Subway LOL: The faces of people who love Rebecca Black 25 questions you probably don’t know the answer to What girls should be doing in their 20s 10 ways to win a […]


Is it sexist? Got Milk’s PMS campaign

Apparently there’s some data that says milk can relieve symptoms of PMS.  The milk marketers thought that was pretty cool and they designed a whole campaign around that concept.  But did they go about it the wrong way?  The ads are directed toward “men living wtih PMS” and feature terrified-looking husbands/boyfriends picking up milk for […]

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Amy Winehouse. Crazy right?! I’m not allowed to make jokes yet. Apparently. Sigh.

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90s playlist 7/22

Ice Cube- You Can Do It Lit- My Own Worst Enemy Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff- Parents Just Don’t Understand Letters to Cleo- I Want You to Want Me Montell Jordan- This Is How We Do It Real McCoy- Another Night Ricky Martin- Livin La Vida Loca Snoop Dogg- Gin and Juice SoulDecision- Faded Destiny’s […]