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May the force be with…your baby!?

“…In a galaxy far, far away…” They made baby head warmers! This just brought a huge smile and laugh to my day. However I want a storm tooper one!


Failed attempt at a real life game of Frogger

Something you guys should know about me, is that I’m a HUGE automotive gear head, wrench turning, maniac! When I saw this, I thought that this was to good to pass up,lol. Not the brightest thing to do at a Red Bull Formula One demo

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Behind the Scenes With Newboyz!

[youtube][/youtube] Check out the making of the vid that accompanies the new track: Better with the lights off!

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Dont Ya Wish Your Office Had A….

SLIDE!!! WEEEEEE!! I LOVE stuff like this. When grownups get to be kids!! When offices do a little somethin to remind workers that they are human beings in need of fun and not simply 9-5 robot worker ants!! Awesome.

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Happy Saturday! I missed you! Call me to let me know how yo summer is goin!! Or to make a request 7649595!