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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Dark Saved by the Bell music video

Actor and musician Miles Fisher put together this music video for a reason I don’t know. All I know is that it’s hilarious, but a little dark, and stars the cast of “Final Destination V,” which probably has something to do with it. Saved By the Bell themed music videos= da bomb. Duh.

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Missy Elliott remixes “Last Friday Night”

If Missy Elliott is remixing the biggest song in the nation right now, do you think that means she’s ready to make a comeback in the music world?! That would absolutely make my life. No matter what it means, it’s still exciting to hear her voice again. Check out her addition to Katy Perry’s “Last […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Amazing cover of Britney’s “Toxic”

This. is. amazing. That’s all that needs to be said.

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MUSIC VIDEO: Blink 182 uses YouTube for “Up All Night”

It’s been EIGHT years since Blink released a new music video, but they’re baaacccckkkkk! For their new single “Up All Night,” they decided to reward [/punish?] all of the fans that illegally used their music on YouTube. It’s clever, and super cheap for them, and the fans will LOVE it! Do YOU love it?! The […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Couch surfing on water

Three words for this: CAN I PLAY?!?!?! So simple and so great. Who wants to try it with me?!