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LISTEN: The Bryan/College Station anthem

Ever heard of Big Hush? By now you probably should have, but if not- you better jump on the bandwagon QUICK. He’s a local rapper and made a song/music video all about BCS and the greatness it has to offer! Every town needs its anthem, and YAY! Now we have it! [youtube]QTYrxyGux2M[/youtube] GOOD, right?! If […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Drunky can’t get out of the bathroom

Some drunk dude was “locked inside of the bathroom stall” and didn’t know how to get out. The guys who were trying to explain it to him started recording. Wait for it… wait for itttt….. HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHA.

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What are they doing now? -Vanilla Ice Real Estate…

Oh how the mighty have changed careers. ¬†First Rob gave us Ice Ice Baby and then he gave us Ninja Rap for the TMNT movie, ¬†now Vanilla Ice is back with a brand new invention…Real Estate.

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VIDEO: Tom Hanks does the weather… in spanish

Tom Hanks was on the show “Despierta America,” and they let him do the weather! Well…. kinda. Maybe it’s because I don’t know Spanish, but this seems like a hott mess of talking and dancing. Is ANYTHING being said? The only thing I can notice is that their hosts dress a lot sexier than the […]

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MUSIC VIDEO: Britney Spears “I Wanna Go”

The third video from Britney’s latest album “Femme Fatale” has arrived, and she’s kicking serious paparazzi butt! Watch her whip out her microphone to do some damage, flash some bystanders, and get more-than-frisky with a police officer!   EB’s opinion: It’s freakin’ HOTT! She looks natural again, and it’s not all over the place…. until […]