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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Little kid performs “Glee” song/dance

OMG. I’m no Gleek, but I do love kids. And I love that this kid has all the moves and words down without cheating!!! [youtube]bxuWSXwR4Mc[/youtube] So should we just call off the “Glee Project” now and give it to this kid?!

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Lt. Dan vs Jaws


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MUSIC VIDEO: Tim Halperin’s “The Last Song”

Tim Halperin‘s first single post-Idol now has a video! His video for “She Runs” was incredible, so he had a lot to live up to in the creativity department, and we think he nailed it! Watch him travel through his piano in the video for “The Last Song!” [youtube]iZQzk3Feq2M[/youtube]

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VIDEO: Facebook party gets crashed by thousands

This happened to me one time… and I almost got arrested until I put the blame on someone else. Note to the world: Don’t put your parties on Facebook. It’s 2011. You should know this already.

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Watch: “Breaking Dawn” Trailer

Here it is…The full length trailer for the upcoming Twilight movie, “Breaking Dawn: Part 1.”  Swoon! [youtube]sIpeBi6SG4A[/youtube]