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Norweigan Rebecca Black!?

SAY IT AIN’T SO!  This new “artist” Tonje Langeteig released her debut track, “I Don’t Wanna to be a Crappy Housewife.”  It may be worse than “Friday” and I am not exaggerating!  I hope this won’t trigger a series of terrible songs inspired by that fluke.  At least there are hot foreign girls in the vid […]

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Your Favorite Hits In Metal

These guys are BEAST guitar players and they are remastering a lot of our favorite hits.  If you like to jam to some heavy hitting guitars you will love what you hear below! “Black And Yellow” Wiz Khalifa *Note* Explicit Version [youtube]whxoXFIIO9A[/youtube] “ET” Katy Perry [youtube]gDBMc1rNElI[/youtube] “Friday” Rebecca Black  (Yes they went there!) [youtube]jz28rOzpFjQ[/youtube] Be […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Naked guy plays Frogger/jumps in family pool

Apparently if you run through traffic and jump in a family neighborhood pool naked, you won’t get in trouble.

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Watch: Accapella Will Smith Medley

Matt Mullholand is my (Alli)  new Hero of the Day!  He has put together this amazing medley of Will Smith songs!  All a capella and Matt sings all the parts!  Take a few moments out of your day to get jiggy wit’ Matt! [youtube]18o09yL2Sq8[/youtube]


MUSIC VIDEO: Rihanna’s controversial “Man Down”

Everyone’s talking about Rihanna’s latest video for “Man Down.” Just as the lyrics say, she shoots a man down in the beginning of the video, and then goes to show how/why it went down. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think! Is it a bad influence? Is it no worse […]