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Video: Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga “The Lady is a Tramp”

The official video for Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s “The Lady is a Tramp“.  The song will appear along with several other collaborations on Tony’s new album, “Duets 2“. 

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MUST Watch: Ohio University Band Performs “Party Rock Anthem”

Electric instrumentals, choreographed moves, and a cover of a hot tune, this is what I call a half time show! -Krash

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Parents teaching their toddler to beer bong…

Wow…Just Wow….Okay so the kid is downing a Capri Sun in one gulp.  I’m not sure if we want to tailgate in Florida, if this is what they do in Miami, what are they doing in Gainesville???? [youtube]DxO1cJKhsbc[/youtube] First its a juice pouch, next thing you know he’ll be hitting the whole milk and his […]


Video: Backyard Bellagio

Love the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas?  Well, looks like we didn’t need to travel all that far to see such a wonderous display.  Turns out you can create your own in your backyard! Just for comparison….here’s the real Bellagio fountains with “My Heart Will Go On” for your viewing pleasure:  

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PLAY: “Saved by the Bell” Interactive Game!

I LOVE that people have the time to come up with stuff like this!  It’s a “Saved by the Bell” Choose Your Own Adventure game all on YouTube!  If you have a few minutes to kill and spent your entire childhood crushing on either ZACK MORRIS or KELLY KAPOWSKI…you have to play this!!!  C’mon Preppy…What […]