Company sells fake muscles and breasts for people’s Zoom dates

The coronavirus pandemic suspended us all in what’s been dubbed a ‘new normal’.

Emerging from this state of self-isolation in particular, is the brave new world of virtual dating.

With a slew of new portals, avenues and frustrating dating terms to weave into the lexicon, finding love during lockdown has created a unique series of challenges and expectations pertaining to the pandemic.

However, love in a time of coronavirus is not all lost – but it has been thrust into a state of obscurity, as one company sells ‘fake muscles’ and ‘fake boobs’ to help people land a second date.

Preparing for a Zoom date, although virtual, still clearly demands some aspect of effort – whether that’s putting on a collared shirt, or enough mascara to shine through on a pixelated screen.

But as we lean in to stripping back and opting for an ‘au naturale’ appearance in lockdown, American sporting goods company Sportarly has begun selling ‘fake muscle suits’ and ‘fake breasts’ implants while the world is in lockdown.

Launched as part of their new virtual dating collection, the company’s site suggests, “virtual dates can be awkward and well, sometimes having something to grab attention as soon as you connect can help ”.

“Order now and watch your socially distant partner’s jaw hit the floor on your next virtual date” the website reads.

The site claims their virtual date muscle suit provides buyers with “bulging biceps, perfect pecs and washboard abs.”

“The padded shirt offers that subtle, sexy and seriously shredded look that many of us dream of,” it reads.

Spokesperson for the company Jake Dennon has claimed the products “have been flying off our virtual shelves since being made live.”

One product reviewer, despite not succeeding on his date, claimed the product had not helped his plight for love: “no second date but in fairness I don’t think that was the muscle suits fault”.

Another claimed her partner “really appreciated” the product in lockdown.

It remains unclear just what extreme lengths socially-distanced singles are going to in order to secure a second stay-at-home date.