Dating Site Bans Filters

Can this be a thing for all dating sites?

Remember a few years ago, when everyone wanted magazines to stop airbrushing models?  Then instead, we ALL started doing it to every single photo we took?  Well, a major dating site just drew a line in the sand. is banning the use of photo filters in profile pics to make it harder for people to misrepresent what they look like.

They polled members and found 70% think filters are deceptive.  Especially ones that airbrush your face.  And 52% said they should be banned.

23% of people also said using a filter like that makes you seem insecure, and 16% said it makes you seem superficial.


Looks aren’t the only thing we lie about on dating sites though:

45% of users admitted they embellish their looks

51% also stretch the truth about their hobbies and interests

34% lie about their income

31% have lied about their education



(PR Newswire)