Hurricane Dorian Vs Sean Connery

89-year-old SEAN CONNERY was one of the many people affected by Hurricane Dorian last week.  And he says he’s luckier than most people who went through it.

He and his wife were at their home in the Bahamas when the storm hit, but they’re okay.  He says, quote, “We were lucky compared to many others, and the damage here was not great.”

He said they knew it might be bad, so they made sure they were ready.  But then the worst of it hit about 90 miles away from them.  They had a lot of wind and rain, but it could’ve been a lot worse.

By the way, there was another survivor of the hurricane:  The famous summer home mansion from the movie, “The Notebook”.

It’s near the ocean, right next to a river outside Charleston, South Carolina, which got hit pretty hard.  So flooding was a real concern.  But apparently it made it through mostly unscathed.