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little white tanktop!

saw you this morning at valero. girl – you a knock out.

you got coffee. I was in my truck. ur very sexy. we kept stairing at each other as you was leavin. if you wanna hook up, lemme now. what was on my dash?!

Thick Asian

I’ve seen you around a few times than the other day saw you on campus in some daisy dukes! They looked great. I’m amazed by your beauty, and YOUR LEGS.

I know you’ll probably never see this but if you do and you’re interested let me know! I’m white, tall, and pretty good looking if I say so myself! Hope to hear from you!

I never thought one would find a living Goddess in the play pit of Chick fil A?! It was Saturday afternoon (between 3:00-4:00) when you walked in with your daughter and your girlfriend, you’re wearing black yoga pants/pink tank top – A VISION OF LOVELINESS!! You sat on the opposite side of the room while the kids ran around and played. I could not take my eyes off of you! The chances of you seeing this is slim to none (but there’s always that possibility) so if you do I need to say I think of you often!

Say Fool… Was wondering if that was you.Sure miss talking to you also. Hit me up sometime.Miss our crazy conversations


Ninfas Hostess

You said I looked very familiar, and how you knew me. I’d like to take you out and get to know you better. If you remember me and where I’m from, get back with me so we can become more familiar!!

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