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You wore a short little dress that was nicely low cut. You have light black hair, nicely tanned, and very appealing.

You were with a group of people. We made eye contact several times through the evening. I wasn’t able to approach as I was with someone too.

You touched me on the back as you walked by on your way to the bar.

Hope to see you again soon?

You were at IHOP around noon.. You were sitting in a booth with a girl. We exchanged a few longing glances while my friend and I sat and waited for our table. I was wearing glasses. Long shot but thought I’d try.


We spoke briefly in passing as we were waiting to be seated at Cheddars sunday. you with daughter or son? and grand baby, I was in a navy shirt and matching skirt, went with my church group. you peppered hair, maroon shirt, very pleasant smile and manner, would love to talk again.

Cute Guy at Antonios

You asked me for my name and I asked for yours. I do realize you were doing your job. I apologized to you for having to explain to me what mexican pizza was. I wanted to ask you out but there was a line of annyoing drunkies behind me. I know this is a long shot but message me if you’d like to have an adventure?

You – DEVILISHLY Handsome, Caucasian, tall, lean, guy with cowboy hat on motorcycle. You had the biggest warmest smile.

I was playing designated driver for my friends. Couldn’t say hi because you rode away. :(

Want to have a cup of coffee with me? Send me a reply with your pic to verify.

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