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fast eddy

My date never showed friday night, so I was playing pool alone.

I saw you and had to find out if you were single. You busted me for checking you out and came and talked to me. Your name’s Amber, I bought you a drink but didn’t get your digits.

Thanks for making me smile. I hope you find this.

took a gander at gander mt.

To the tall, slender gal at the cash register with striking blue eyes on Sunday afternoon.

I think your name tag read Sarah? Which is worse, asking someone out while they’re at work or by a missed connection online

wazzup? we made eyes and smile at the stop light,your that beautiful women driving a blue convertible.you smiling at me I felt like chevy chase on national lapoons,thank you,made me feel good.


Around 5pm Thursday, I walked in with a friend and sat next to you and your friend at the bar. When she got up, we had a nice conversation but it ended when she returned. I wanted to get your number, but you got up so promptly that I was only able to say what I did as you were walking out.

I noticed you kept looking back at me, which left me regretting not getting up and going after you. If you see this, I would love to talk to you and get together for drinks or dinner.

Rebecca at Dry Bean

Hey, we spoke really briefly then I ran off, like an idiot, because I was trying to be involved in the party activities for my bros.

that was a really stupid thing to do because you are absolutely stunning, and I should have stuck around and talked you up some more, gotten your number, got your friend’s name, something. You had on a black dress friday night, beautiful blonde hair. I think you’re friend had on a grey tank top?

I don’t expect you’ll see this, but you should.

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