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I work out early mornings M-F and see you from time to time. You have three tats on your back and long brown hair with highlights. Last Friday you were wearing a blue and black sports bra with black pants doing biceps and calves exercises.

YOU LOOK GREAT. Maybe you’ll notice me now.

You have dark skin working at the mcdonalds on university. I kept smiling at you I know my parents were giving you a hard time about fish mcbites just wanna say your really beautiful :) if u know who I am get at me some time is love to meet u

Hungry Howie’s Delivery Driver

I saw you jammin out in your truck while you were stopped at the light.

I thought you were so hot in your scruff. I would love to hang out with you and see where it goes. Name the intersection and what I did as I drove past you so I know I have the right guy.


Corner Bar. Roof. Guy with white jacket named Reagan.

What we could have had would have been beautiful, that is, until you stood up and I saw your shoes. If you promise to never wear those in public ever again, I’d like to go out with you.

OBANNONS YESTERDAY. I think your tat on your upper left arm said “strong” or something like that from what I could see. You were tall and had a red and blue plaid shirt on and glasses. You were with a ginger.

I thought you we super cute. Hoping you are single or hate your bf/gf.

OH and you’re not like 19.

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