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Car Accident Girl

Sorry about your wreck. Glad you two were fine.

Wasn’t trying to creep yall out. Guy just seemed super pissed and I didn’t want anything to happen to you. I think he was just scared.

Given the circumstances, and since the sheriff had just arrived, I didn’t feel right hanging around gawking or bothering you for your phone number, so I’ll leave it up to fate, and hope you see this message. I’d like to take you out – but I’ll do the driving.

quicker sticker

you helped us out with an inspection during lunch today. i thought you were super cute. i’d like to do a full body inspection for you. ;)


about 9:30 saturday night, you waited on me at burger king. had a little extra touch on my hand when you were giving me change, so I thought you may be flirting a bit. if interested, let me know.

We met the other night. You said you were helping a friend with a project. We were looking at building materials and started talking about furniture design. It was refreshing to have someone to talk to, especially about things other than the typical guy stuff. I wished I had asked for your number, but I wasn’t sure how you’d take it.


jason and katy PLEASE READ:

I found you in my aisle – and was EXTREMELY interested. Only problem – I didn’t talk to you. I COULDN’T.

You were sporting a prety great hat and had a nice beard. We smiled back at each other but I got flustered and left

highly doubt you catch this – whate were we looking through?

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