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St. Joes

I was up there to make a delivery and you walked by and asked who im looking for. You checked arpund for her and i complimented your shoes. It was really funny when you sassed that old lady.

If this is you, what did i whisper to you before i walked away?


You caught my eye, but I don’t know why I caught yours.. you were with a beauty and I only stopped in for a beer because my day had been so long. I was looking pretty rough, but everytime I walked by, you looked straight at me. what’s up? i’m happily single so I don’t know why I care. but you caught my attention in A BIG way.

I got on the wrong bus and having seen my mistake, you sat and talked with me until you had to leave.

We talked for a long time about our majors, hopeful careers, places we wanted to visit. I hope I get the chance thank you for the kindness you showed me that night. ;)


You were with what I assume to have been your two daughters, sitting near me and my co workers Friday at Koppe. I was the tall bearded fellow.

I kept glancing at you and you kept glancing back.. It seemed in bad taste to approach you given your company, but I also didn’t spy a wedding ring.

Married or not, you are perfect. *I don’t use that word lightly.

So, I hope I brightened your day as you did mine.


It was early Saturday, you were at the front desk when I checked in. We talked a bit and you seemed really genuine. I’m sure you are just nice to everyone, but I’d like to spend some time with a nice woman while I’m in town.

I gave you all my information when I checked in. You asked about something odd. Email me if youd like. You are STUNNING.

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