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Locker Room

I was at the gym yesterday, finished around 445. Went to the steam room for a few minutes and saw you. There was another guy in there so I didn’t say anything. I really wanted to. I went for a shower then to cool off. Saw you up there but still more people. I know it’s a small chance but it would be cool to see you again. Maybe get to know each other. Maybe work out, stretch out, lend a hand, whatever…


Okay, okay. I don’t really think your an a$$ hat, but my coworkers at Subway do.

I actually think you might be a cool guy simply because we Facebook stalked you out of curiosity (well because you’re hot) and you just seemed so awesome.

I think underneath that sleeve tattoo, affliction tees and charming smile you could have a soft heart.. OR BIG ****. I may never experience it because I’m probably the wrong pigment and to curvy for you.

Sorry but you do give off the vibe that your into thin blonds. This will probably just remain an awkward crush. BUT I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING.

Cutey at Krogers

Hi. You jokingly told me I had too many items for the Express checkout lane. I thought you were SUPER SEXY. Why don’t we meet again there.. Or we could go grab coffee or lunch?! I’d like to get to know you better.

I ran into you in downtown Bryan Friday night, i asked if your cute hipster glasses were from lenscrafters. Although I was pretty drunk, I’m pretty sure I’d still hook up with you sober. My cock blocking friend kept telling you we’re dating… we’re not! But yeah… if you wanna hang out sometime, or watch a movie at 2am, I’m down!

Olive Garden

You waited on our table on Friday around 2. We told you to call our sister Judacis, you asked if she was Jewish. Thanks for complying, you were cute!

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