Missed Connections

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Pei Wei

To the guy who works at Pei Wei with dark hair- you are beautiful. You kept staring at me..probably because I was staring at you, I came in around 2, I was with a friend wearing a Candy 95 shirt with a white and black long jacket. You brought us our food. I have brown hair, I like long walks on the beach..just kidding but I would like to meet up. I promise I’m not crazy..despite this missed connection. Hope you see this!

ladies, why settle for a box of chocolates….

when this Valentine’s day, you could have 7ft of chocolate?

if your looking for a good time holler back

Mad for a Hatter

You are the cute white guy behind the bar at Mad Hatters. I see you at the first bar a lot, or walkign around taking glasses.

I wish so badly I could teach you things in private. You look like you would be so much fun. I wonder if you can keep a secret….. I know I can. Too bad, I will never know your name.


Lane’s Temptress

It was Saturday around noon. You were the dark haired beauty who’s attention Was focused entirely on your phone.

Watching you scroll, view then smile made me curious what was so interesting on that phone.

I’d ask if you remembered me, but I doubt you noticed anyone. if you’d like a real life encounter, message back. I know how to put a smile on that pretty face.


I talked to you for just a moment, but it isn’t always easy to come up with something to say standing in front of canned vegetables. I promise I am much more charming.

You had on a black fleece – would love to really get to know you. ;)

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