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Met u over the weekend at Dry Bean.

You hugged me for watching ur drink. Can’t believe I let u get away without at least getting your name. Hope you see this and reply. Tell me what u were wearing.


you were making deliveries in my office, but weren’t wearing a usual uniform. you flirted with me in the elevator and asked me why I was so happy.

when I walked out to my truck, there was no number under my wiper. if you remember this, come back and give it to me. ;)

You were in line at Academy talking to this woman about some other chick you were crushing on. I butted in and told you to drop her.

Said any chick would be lucky to have you. You laughed and said thanks. The three of us talked for a few minutes. I wanted to give you my number but you left quickly. You checked me out, how come you never asked?!

Fish Daddy’s

Holy Hell.. Who is the HOT little waitress at Fish Daddy’s?! Anyone know?!

Light hair, muscular quads/thighs, and blue bedroom eyes….

What a HOTTIE!!!

That Guy

I’ve seen you literally 100+ times, as I’ve been a regular at your place of business for over a year now. I generally go unkept, alone and looking like a homeless guy. I’m sure I appear to be the biggest creeper/loser in the world, but hopefully one day I’ll be able to show you the real me.

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