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Grand Station

I think you were bowling with your sister and some friends.

wanted to come say hi but you were so pretty and i was way too shy…. I’ve been out of a serious relationship for 6 months and just don’t know what to do about approaching someone as attractive as you. U were wearing shorts, a white top and jacket. We exchanged some smiles and I want to talk to you if it’s a possibility.

Wings n More

I wish I new your name – you’re the supervisor of wnm. You make coming into your restaurant so worth it. I come in weekly just hoping to see you. Love watching you walk around…gets me a better chance to see that hot little ass of yours and see what you are packing. Dont know which team you bat for…if you want to play let me know.

I hope you see/hear this. We met last night on NG, we dance for what seemed like forever. You were in town for firefighting and had never been to Daisy Dukes. You came back to my room. And we had an amazing time. I know you are only here for a week so let’s see what happens. Can’t believe I didn’t get your number.

if you see this by some crazy chance of fate please respond.

Lupe Tortilla

Things got a little spicy Jan. 27th around 3 pm.

I swear you caught me looking a few times across the restaurant. You were reall tal and eating alone. I kept thinking you were waiting on someone. I was sitting with a friend. Tell me something about who I was with – race or gender maybe? Thought we could have had something.

We met at the dry bean, i thought you were very beautiful the moment i saw you and we ended up going to the bar next door with a few people. You asked if i wanted to go play pool but you walked out to make sure your friend was alright. I should have followed you to get your number but instead went back in to find a friend. I hope to see you again or hear from you. if you remember let me know.

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