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You were wearing a red NOV shirt and hat (company uniform?)

Tall, dark and handsome, deep brown eyes
You ordered a powerade with your meal.
I was in the other line next to you.
I noticed you wore a hearing aid.
You drove away in a black camaro with white stripes.
Meet me at wings n more tuesday night.
I’ll be sitting in the bar with my girlfriend.


I saw you looking at me in toys r us. ;)

..you looked like you wanted the d… come and take it… meet me at hurricane harry’s friday night at 8:30.

Can it be your place babe because my kids will be home this weekend… the baby mama can’t take them this weekend sorry bout that.. call me 979 *** ****

Starbucks on Texas

I was studying this morning, minding my own business, drinking some coffee when I looked up and saw such a beautiful sight – YOU. As you were leaving, you walked right by my table and I told you I liked your shoes. I did really like your boots, but I enjoyed my thoughts even more..

I thought about getting you alone and running my hands over your lucious legs and letting them wander………….

I guess I meant that I thought you had a nice skirt. You’re really hot. It was a nice taste of coffee; I want a taste.

If you remember and have today off, meet me back there.

Hot Mom at Hobby Lobby

You were shopping with your daughter. I loved the jeans and high boots. ;)

I saw you when I first came in and saw you leave when I was checking out…. I saw your get in a vehicle. Tell me what kind of vehicle you were in. My intuition tells me you would like some special attention. I’d love to give you that.


I came in to cj barbeque the other day and you gave me a free drink.

You were so nice and very beautiful. I hesitated as I was leaving because i wanted to say something more…. find out your name, get your number…. but you were very busy. This is pretty lame, but maybe you thought about me also?

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