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Dog Park!

Met you in the dog park the other day, you had a yellow lab mix, I had my little boxer. We were talking for a bit, until my dog got in a fight. I can’t get you out of my mind. Let me know if you’d like to go back – together – sometime.

Lady at Cracker Barrell

Thanks for a great breakfast! Where did I say I work? What year did I graduate? I hope you see this!

Wash BANGers

I saw u at harvey washbangers.. U were too cute, I know ull never see this but the things id do to u!! I was in the car next to u!!

i was in an asle just browsing when you walked by. we glanced at each other several times. i couldnt help it really – you are a gorgeous woman. brown hair, tall, blue shirt, with a dark colored jacket if i remember correctly.

if you feel like this is you, then send me an email. i’d like to get to know you. tell me the name of the electronics store that we were in.

Think Your Name Was Adam?

you were the hunky guy buying binders at office max yesterday around 3p. you looked like you were having a pretty tough time deciding between colors and i really wanted to step in and help. you were wearing a plain back tee buff, tall, and the cutest thing I’ve seen around here in a very long time.

saw you again at check out, and we laughed about our love for school supply shopping. if you remember me, let me know!

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