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Chillin’ at the Holidae Inn

You work at the front desk at the holiday inn on sw pkwy and your name is Vincent. I stayed there like 2 months ago cause my apartment was being fixed and I think you’re pretty cute! I was hoping you would ask for my number when we staerted talking but you didn’t. I’ve called a few times to the hotel just to see if you’re working, but never had the courage to actually go back up there. I’m a student here so if you ever wanna get some drinks let me know. Hope to hear from you soon.

Good Game.

You… Beautiful and sexy older female, wearing black sitting with your friend wearing a Texans jersey. hopefully he wasn’t your husband. you were drinking Dos X. Me? I was sitting with my co-workers at the table over… couldn’t talk but REALLY wanted to try.

Felt a connection, did you feel it too? Looking forward to finding you.


To the beautiful brunette ahead of me.. at the checkout lane over around 1 am this mornin.

U kept lookin back and i was just too damn shy to say anything. still kickin myself for not saying hello. Id love to have that moment back to do over again.


To Jonathon at HEB. I saw you TWICE this weekend, and still walked away without you asking for my digits.

On Saturday around 4 pm, you were the guy working the register across from the pharmacy. You asked me about my NYE plans. I wish I had been buying more than two items so we could have talked more.

BUT THEN, I saw you again last night. You offered to help me to my car, but when the cashier pointed out it was “just one bag,” I think we both got embarrassed.

If you remember what bar I talked about, I’d love to meet you there tonight…


I went to math tutoring one day and you had the solution manuel.

We ended up chatting/working on our homework for about 2 hours. I asked you for your name and you said Melissa. I SHOULD HAVE GOT YOUR NUMBER. Said you worked at Cheddars.. I know the chances of you seeing this are highly unlikly bit you should definitely respond to this if you do. You are absolutely gorgeous and I would like to get to know you.

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