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You Called Me Travis?

Krogers on Texas…. called me “Lake Travis?” I did not recognize you…. but you did me?


In my mind, I thought a simple compliment on your awesome ‘stache could lead to a better conversation. But, considering the movie had already started and I didn’t want to be rude to other viewers, I kept it to myself knowing I could just try this.

We were seeing Django Unchained at 8:10 on Friday. I was near the front row; bright eyes, glasses, and a smile when you sat down. Respond if you’re even the slightest bit intrigued.


Just going out on a limb here. There were several of us un-donating last night. We talked a bout the hobbit and I gave you my number. Hoped that you would text me soon after I left. No such luck. Anyways, hit me up.

Golden Corral

You: Blondeish hair, a blue and black vertical striped shirt, hoop earrings, flattering jeans.
You were there with an older woman, a young girl, and a guy about your age. (hopefully not your bf)

We made eye contact while you were on the phone – you smiled at me. Were you interested?

What color hat was I wearing?

(BTW, your perfume/body spray/whatever you were wearing smells AMAZING..)

Crush on Manager

You possible don’t know me, I use to come in at least once a week, each time wanting to work up the nerve to give you my number, but each time you were busy or the words couldn’t come to mind. A few months ago I stop coming to Social becasue I thought it was a wast, but as I sit here in my room I think what could have been. So if you are reading this, here a little about me, I’m 26, I have my own place and car. I have a B.A. and I am a teacher. I am currently going to grad school to further my education. If you read this please send me a message.

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