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Super Sexy Getting ID

I was behind you at the dps and saw you getting a new ID. I don’t know if you noticed me but my goodness were you sexy! I’m hoping your older than 16.

Hope to hear back from you!


I was at Sweet Eugene’s last Wednesday, sitting at a table with two other girls. I think you were an A&M football player, and I know you were laughing at our conversations (as we were definitely laughing at yours). If you think this might be you, text 23504 because I think we should be friends.

You had me cracking up talking about all dat azz.

-Katy Dempsey

Tall handsome gentleman at David Gardners.

You helped me and my husband pick out some anniversary rings and we kept making eye contact. YOU ARE JUST TOO CUTE. I’m sure you noticed my flirty smile.

Ladies this young man is worth going to see, HE IS A 10. Worth a trip to see him.

Avocados at the HEB

Just in case the gorgeous, fit woman in the produce aisle I spoke with sees this.

We were both looking at avocados. If not, maybe we will cross paths again.

I know you’ll never see this but maybe you listen to this station.

I went to little Caesars on the 20th around 8pm. you were the girl behind the counter with the super short black hair. I think thats super hot.

I know you were interested. so lets see.

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