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Tower point HEB Frozen organic broccoli

Howdy y’all!….This is awkward…..It was around 4 on Tuesday. You had a blue shirt and brown hair. I asked you to help me find the frozen organic broccoli, and I felt so silly cause I couldn’t find it. After I finally got you to help, I wound up finding it before you. Then you started laughing and saying I didn’t even need your help. I just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh! If you’d like to hangout sometime, let me know. Tell me if you remember anything about me or what I was wearing.

Since I’ve got nothing left to lose here, what the hell.

Believe the date was July 2.. and at approximately 8:30pm I delivered you a pizza. You had sent a note saying to “please hurry, I’m dying.” You jokingly said you were going to keep my pen and I responded you weren’t keeping my pen. You then rated my delivery 5 and sent a comment ” see you around…. :)”

I am looking for a good Christian Man someone kind, loving, long term, non smoker and no drugs, Someone who loves to enjoy living life, fishing, camping, dinning, and the most important someone who loves God.

I attend church Every Sunday’s then I am free to enjoy good clean fun, You name it I am open to all. No loser or user looking for a husband one day and he must be a gentlemen of the heart.


Saw you Friday on your bike. Love this weather as it brings out all the cuties. ;) My window was down, you looked over at me and we had this moment. Super romantic. If you see this maybe you’ll remember.

Hope you aren’t a creep and/or married/taken.

What direction were we headed and were did I turn off?

Motor Cycle

Friday around 7:30ish (?) we were driving down texas from bryan. We looked over at each other a few times, and I think you might have gestured for me to follow you at some point. I got stuck behind a slow car.. and by the time I’d sped back up, you were turning.

Just wanted you to know I thought you were SUPER sexy. Also, wear a helmet.

If you remember me, what color was my truck? Hope to see you again.

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