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Thanks for welcoming me into town. ;* I didn’t get your number, but I think your fun. tell me what stripper gave you a lap dance, what my name is, or what strip club you said you used to work at.

Hope to hear from you again.

Post Oak – Brunette Beauty

I saw you briefly as I was walking to meet a friend saturday around 4pm.

you were sitting in the food court. I wanted to stop and introduce myself but I was in a little bit of a hurry. You were wearing glasses and a white top if I remember correctly. I was wearing a green beanie and a green/tan/goldish flannel and jeans.

just wanted you to know you caught my attention.


You were a beautiful Indian girl Friday night around 7p. I couldn’t stop looking at you and you kept looking at me. Your curves were unbelievable, and I know we had a strong connection.

You were browsing shoes, I was smelling the colognes. You went to the end of the store and our eyes met one more time. It was like love at first site. I was the guy with the military haircut and white polo. Pleaase contact me.

Double Chin

I’ve seen you in class many many times and on the floor at golds. the other day i over heard a conversation with you and some brunette in the sauna about how bad you would like to lose your double chin. i wouldn’t change a thing about you ;) waiting for the day you speak to me. i’m mid 30s, beard, brown hair.


jaimie – if you would like to enjoy another frosty and hamburger let me know.

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