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Checking out the Blonde Checker

Your name starts with an A and you are extremely cute. When you smile, your eyes light up and dance which is incredibly sexy. I’m sure the girls you work with are allll over it. I doubt you read these ads but if you do, I just want you to know that you are soooooo goooooood looking.

I always try to come through your line when you are checking.

Pregnancy Test

You were the tall brunette at Walgreens yesterday, buying a pregnancy test . You told me was for your sister and she might be pregnant …. you drive a red mustang. Hope it’s not too late.

HEB Texas

You were pushing your grocery basket along when you caught yourself between two other people’s carts. I was patiently waiting behind you waiting to get some OJ.

I started to giggle enjoying the predicament you were entangled in. You turned sideways and WHAM!!! Your profile came into view and I nearly fell over…..you were absolutely stunningly beautiful and not even made up. You turned in a cute little embarrassed voice and you said something to me and smiled. If you happen to see this posting please tell me what you said to me so I know it was you. If you cant remember what you said then describe what you were wearing.

I would really like to meet you and perhaps take you out for dinner next weekend.

Drive thru girl @ Mickey D’s

When i saw you i did a double take… we talked for a min about the cd i was listening to. I was driving a white benz,in the off chance you see this message me back id really like to talk/get to know you it was about 8 pm. Anyways get back at me.

Ways From Home

We ran into each other at a bar in Austin, and had some good drinks/laughs/dances, I know you are from cstat and you got my number, but I didn’t get yours. If you remember hit me up, I’d like to continue having fun!

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