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So, I Was Drunk..

Samantha is looking for a guy named Robert. They met at the front bar in hatters. He is a Grad Student at A&M (maybe petroleum Engineer but idk ) we do know he comes from CALLLIII! (where they know how to party!!) haha .. she “thinks” she gave him her old number (as she got a new number a week ago) Alcohol was involved so she doesn’t know what number she blurted.

we need help.. she said he was soooo dreamy.. thanks!

Man in Red/Maroon Truck

Driving home tonight on Harvey a guy in a maroon truck smiled and waved several times. Just putting it out to the universe that I wanted to say hi. I was in a sports car, if you can tell me what kind, I know it’s you. :)


We met I think Thursday at Fitzwilly’s. You and your friends were hilarious. I kept hoping you’d ask me for my phone number, but you just kept on talking about the Rangers.

…and besides, you’re probably shacking up with some skinny, pretty girl who likes to talk about bands.

But all I want to do is ride bikes with you, stay up late, and watch Ren and Stimpy.

Let me know if you remember me.

Sarah at the Carwash

You have gorgeous brown hair and I kept looking at you. We talked briefly and you said your new to town. Definitely would like to take you up on that drink offer.

I know this is a longshot but if you see this and would like to meet again, let me know.

Biking at Texas CVS

You – handsome, polite, and extremely nice….. while I had my schwinn awkwardly tethered to the bike rack. Thanks for all your help.

If you remember our encounter, hit me up bro.

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